Over 8KM of Walking Tracks

Eleanor’s Walk is everybody’s favourite: a one kilometre, 30min walk with fantastic views over the D’Entrecasteaux Channel. Off this is a short walk down to Pebble Beach.

A longer walk taking in Orange Peel, Blue Rope and Birdsong loops around much of the property. This is about 4.5 km depending how it is done; a little over an hour’s walk.

Seal Rocks can be accessed from this or can be done independently as a satisfying 1.5km return walk to the wild Southern Ocean.

~ Eleanor's Walk ~

~ A Gentle Stroll Through Paddocks to Spectacular Views. ~

1 km, about 20 minutes or an extra 30 minutes to visit Pebble Beach.
Wander down through the paddocks via an original farm track to One Tree Point.

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~ Seal Rocks ~

~ Walking To The Wild Edge ~

1.5km return, about 40 min
Seal Rocks traverses dry peppermint woodland across the ridge of Blubber Head and descends into tall moist forest.

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~ Orange Peel ~

~ A Taste Of Southwest Tasmania ~

1.5km return, 30 min
This track starts off through the heathy Black peppermint woodlands overlooking Lousy Bay to the east, with its salmon fish farms.

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~ Blue Rope ~

~ Wrack Cove Coast Through Dry Woodland ~

900 metres, plus return (750m) via Blubber Head Rd. about 45 mins

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~ Birdsong ~

~ Tall Forest Rich In Birdlife ~

500 metres. about 10 mins
Birdsong is probably the best area for birds on the property

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The Peninsula Experience Booklet


This booklet seeks to provide to our guests a view of this unique place. Hopefully due to the work of the contributors, it enriches the experience of your stay by introducing the history and the flora and fauna of this land and its timelessness. The ethos of The Peninsula is to provide a sanctuary for animals whilst allowing you to enjoy their habitat in quiet luxury with a minimal footprint. With this in mind, we recommend you begin your journey at the gate and enjoy the experience…slowly.

There are a variety of walks on the property; each featuring numbered marker posts that refer to stories contained in this booklet. The first section of the booklet gives you insights into the natural and cultural history of Blubber Head.
The booklet is complimentary for all guests at The Peninsula Experience.

All walks are designed to Australian Standards Class 4: graded to be quite easy walking and following distinct tracks, but users will require basic walking gear such as stout shoes, map reading skills and should always exercise common sense. Track conditions vary and obstacles and trip hazards may be encountered along the way. Users take responsibility for their own safety whilst walking.

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