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We do a lot of sky watching at The Peninsula.  First there is the weather. There is snow on Adamson's Peak and surrounding mountains to the west across Esperance Bay for some eight months of the year. Then there are the wind and storms that occasionally roll in from the south or across the island from the south-west wilderness. And then there are the rainbows; magical prisms of colour across the waters of the Bay or DÉntrecasteaux Channel. The biggest surprise are the many, many days bathed in sunshine. Tasmania's so-called bad weather is something of a myth; the majority of days are full of sunshine. On the Peninsula on these days, among the clouds, can be seen a large variety of birds including plovers, crows, kookaburras and wrens, to name a few.  Indeed an...
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Wombats on The Peninsula

The Peninsula is home of one of Australia's iconic animals, the Tasmanian wombat. The bare-nosed eombat was once found throughout southeastern Australia including Tasmania, but due to settlement of the land, the habitat for the animals decreased and it appears these wombats are not that common anymore. We are very fortunate on the Peninsula that these wombats find an ideal environment here. The wombats use the pristine bush and pockets of grass areas as their habitat and feed on the various grounds including the woodlands, shrub-lands and sloping coastal areas. They seem to prefer this wetter, forested and rocky region which is cooler compared to other regions. It is estimated that the population density could be up to 30 wombats in favourable conditions when enough food is around. Yo...
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A Maze of Walking Tracks

Several walking tracks have been created to enhance your nature experience at The Peninsula. These are 'work in progress' and some of the tracks are still under construction. Please exercise caution on all tracks and ensure that sturdy footwear and appropriate clothing is worn at all times.  Wander down through the paddocks via an old dirt track to One Tree Point.  The track meanders through regrowth swamp gum (Eucalyptus ovata) with a sagg and native iris understorey. The lower paddock is the 'tomato paddock', as this is where Eleanor Clennet and her parents planted dryland tomatoes for the Hobart market. Being frost free, Blubber Head could get the ripe fruit to market earlier than most places, gaining a price premium. One Tree Point retains evidence of the original inhabitants...
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6 Reasons to Visit Esperance Point & Experience The Peninsula

There is something for everyone in Esperance Point and running the Peninsula Experience has given us an insight into all the local attractions!  Here are 6 of the best reasons to come experience what our corner of Tasmania offers the brave adventurer.  1 . The local fishing village of Dover is our local village and is perfect for anyone wanting to experience the old-world charm of one of Tasmania's most southern fishing towns. With old-fashioned cottages and unspoilt scenery, the pretty village instantly transports visitors back in time. Dover also contains the largest salmon fish farm in the southern hemisphere and, true to its reputation, boasts great fishing for abalone, salmon and crayfish off the Dover Wharf.  2 . Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs: ...
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